Phoenix Sky Harbor
International Airport

Why Improvements are Needed

Phoenix Sunrise

Without improvements:

  • Terminals will likely become overcrowded
  • Baggage volumes may choke the system
  • Inadequate gates and airfield inefficiencies could cause flight delays
  • People likely will have to take a bus to their plane and use outdoor air stairs instead of jet ways
  • Curbside traffic jams will continue to increase
  • Maintenance costs will rise substantially
  • Attracting more domestic and international airline routes would become more difficult

Use of Reliever Airports

The City of Phoenix owns and operates Phoenix Goodyear and Phoenix Deer Valley airports. Both are general aviation airports that provide services to private aircraft and are not designed or authorized to serve commercial passenger traffic.

Phoenix is a member of the airport authority that operates Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport along with the cities of Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek and the Gila River Indian Community. Phoenix-Mesa is a reliever to Sky Harbor and will become the equivalent of an Ontario or Burbank to LAX.