The Service Keeps Me Coming Back

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Frontier flight attendants 1950In 2010, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, celebrated its 75th anniversary. This anniversary commemorated the day when the city of Phoenix purchased Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for $100,000 back in 1935. In the next series of stories, we hear from long-time employees and volunteers who value providing excellent customer service, why they feel the people here are their family and why it is exciting to work at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

Steven Ayers, a Sky Cap, with Complete Sky Cap Company has been working at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport since 1974. He started with Avis, and a friend talked him into taking a position as a Sky Cap. Initially, Ayers said he wasn’t interested in being a porter, but once he got into it, it was a nice surprise for him. Ayers enjoyed his work as a Sky Cap so much he stuck with it and is still in the job today.

“I really enjoy meeting and serving people,” Ayers said. “It’s really a give and take situation. People are stressed out from flying and you work to ensure them that their experience is going to be very nice here at Sky Harbor as well as with the different airlines. We all try to do our best to give travelers a pleasant experience. We are here to provide that service for them. I like working with people. That’s been a really rewarding experience – something I can take home with me.”

Fellow Sky Cap, Lewis Davis, also with Complete Sky Cap, agrees. He has been working at the Airport for 48 years and enjoys it immensely. Davis said that he has always been around the public providing service, from his first job as a waiter to a head waiter to a Sky Cap today.

“I like meeting the people and talking to the people,” Davis said. “I found out that it was right up my line.”

Each and every day, a group of volunteers called Navigators come out to the Airport to give their time to assist travelers who have questions or need directions. These volunteers love the Airport and give a high-level of service to customers. Betty Flowers is one of the Navigators. Flowers’ love for aviation began at an early age. She was part of the first group of Frontier Airlines flight attendants based in Phoenix. Flowers had a great love for her work as a flight attendant. In those days though, flight attendants couldn’t be married, so once Flowers got married, she had to quit her job. But in 1970, she joined the Sky Harbor Airport Auxiliary, a group of past flight attendants who gave tours to children on behalf of the Airport. She was part of that group until after 9/11 when she became a Navigator.

“I loved my work, I enjoyed doing it,” Flowers said. “I enjoy doing the Navigator work now and helping people who really need the assistance.”

Assistant Aviation Director Carl Newman agrees and said that one of the things he most enjoys about being at Sky Harbor is the people and the service they provide. “From airlines, business partners, Sky Caps, shops, everybody has made a wonderful contribution to this facility and our mission – the great customer service we provide to the folks utilizing our Airport.”

Providing excellent customer service is not only an integral mission at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, but it is something that our employees value. Watch some of Sky Harbor’s employees and volunteer Navigator Betty Flowers share their favorite service memories.

First published: September 27, 2010

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