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Phoenix Sky Harbor
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Air Traffic Control Frequencies

Sky Harbor at Night

Air Traffic Control Frequencies - the Federal Aviation Administration maintains a Control Tower and a Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facility at Sky Harbor International Airport. TRACON controls the aircraft within a 40-mile radius and up to 21,000 feet (MSL) and the Control Tower has responsibility for the airport and airspace within five miles up to 3,000 feet. Radio communication between the control facilities and the aircraft take place on a number of radio frequencies. These frequencies are in the VHF (Very High Frequency) frequency range of 108 to 136 MegaHertz (MHz). A radio or a scanner capable of receiving those frequencies is required to hear the communications.

Automated Traffic Information Service

127.5 MHz (current airport conditions)
Approach Control
North - 119.2 and 120.7 MHz
South - 123.7 and 124.1 MHz

Control Tower
North runway - 118.7 MHz
South runway - 120.9 MHz

Ground Control (controls aircraft on the taxiways and ramps)
North - 119.75 MHz
South - 132.55 MHz

Clearance Delivery (gives airlines their final routings and clearances)
118.1 MHz

NOTE: These frequencies are subject to change without notice.