Storm Water Articles

Sky Harbor at Night

Winter 2019

myDEQ Registration
Meet the Inspection Team!
PPT Member of the Quarter - Munsey Aircraft Service
And more!

Fall 2018

ADEQ Inspections
Aviation Staff is Growing
PPT Member of the Quarter - Oxford Airport Technical Services

Spring 2016

Annual Comprehensive Facility Inspections
Impairment Designation Removed From GYR’s Receiving Water!
FDA Inspection Requirements at PHX
Notice! FDA Inspection at Sky Harbor
And more

Winter 2015

Self-Inspection Requirements
Tenant of the Quarter - Bombardier Transportation
SWPPP Training Requirements
Tenant Annual Training

Fall 2015

Proper Disposal of Spill Response Material
Tips to Keep Your Facility from Becoming “Trashy”
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
Tenant of the Quarter: Delta Air Lines
Tenant Annual Training
Spring 2015
Congratulations! We Did It, 100% Training Attendance Achieved!
Annual Comprehensive Inspections
Flooding in the Phoenix Desert
Tenant of the Quarter: AeroTurbine

Fall 2014

Upcoming Training Dates
Recycling Information
Lavatory Service Vehicle Maintenance and Triturator Etiquette
CM Highlight: Spill Kits on Vehicles
Tenant of the Quarter: David Gatlin

Spring 2014

Kudos Program
Annual Inspections
Control Measure Updates
Tenant of the Quarter

Winter 2014

Global Harmonization 
Signature Requirements 
Tenant of the Quarter 
Tenant Training

Fall 2013

Kudos Program
CM Highlight - Spill Kit Requirements
Airport Receiving Waters
Tenant of the Quarter: Transpac Aviation Academy

Spring 2013

Oil Water Separators 
Control Measure Highlight: Labeling 
Annual Comprehensive Inspections 
Tenant of the Quarter: UPS

Winter 2013

What to Do If ADEQ Calls You
Control Measure Highlight: Secondary Containment
Visual Monitoring
Online Stormwater Training
Tenant of the Quarter - Atlantic Aviation

Spring 2012

Common Airport Pollutants Series: Solid Wastes
Control Measure Highlight: Material Safety Data Sheets
Answers to Winter Edition Test Time
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan Rule
Stormwater Fees
Tenant of the Quarter – Avis Budget Group

Winter 2012

Common Airport Pollutants Series: Other Chemicals
Stormwater Fees
Control Measure Highlight: Lavatory Waste Handling
Storm Drain Filter Fabrics
Answers to Fall Edition Test Time
Notice of Termination
Web Accessible Stormwater Training
Annual Comprehensive Inspections
Tenant of the Quarter: Continental & United Airlines

Fall 2011

Common Airport Pollutant Series: Oil & Fuel
Control Measure Highlight: Aircraft, Vehicle and Equipment Cleaning
Answers to Summer 2011 Edition Test Time
Annual Stormwater Training & Comprehensive Inspection
Recycling Efforts – Records Collection
Tenant of the Quarter – US Airways
New Stormwater Website

Summer 2011

Changes to the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
Control Measure Highlight
New Stormwater Webpage
Important Note for GYR Tenants
Tenant of the Quarter
Answers to Winter 2011 Edition Test Time
March 2011 Special MSGP Edition
Completing a Notice of Intent (NOI)
MSGP Training Sessions
New PPT Member Requirements
Changes to the SWPPP
Winter 2011
Integrating “Green” Practices Series: Recycling Waste Materials
Control Measure Highlight: Aircraft, Vehicle and Equipment Storage
Control Measure Clarification
MSGP Update
PPT Member Highlight: Marguerite O’Driscoll of U.S. Airways
Answers to Summer 2010 Edition Test Time
Summer 2010
Integrating “Green” Practices Series: Online Stormwater Training System
Best Management Practice Highlight: Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan
MSGP Update
PPT Member Highlight: Dawn Bolstad of the City of Phoenix Fire Department
Answers to Spring 2010 Edition Test Time
Spring 2010
Integrating “Green” Practices Series: “Green” Cleaning Products
Important Note
Best Management Practice Highlight: Fabric Filters
PPT Member Highlight: Curt Porter of the City of Phoenix Police Department
January 2010 Site Visits
MSGP Update
Answers to Fall 2009 Edition Test Time
Fall 2009
Southwest Airports Series: Tucson International Airport
Best Management Practice Highlight: Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements
Keep In Mind
MSGP Update
Proposed Effluent Limitation Guidelines for Deicing
Answers to Summer 2009 Edition Test Time
Summer 2009
MSGP Updates
Best Management Practice Highlight: Sorbents
Stormwater Re-Inspections
PPT Member Highlight: Jack Hewlett of Cutter Aviation
Answers to Winter 2009 Edition Test Time
Winter 2009
Southwest Airports Series: Albuquerque International Sunport
Best Management Practice Highlight: Trash and Debris
MSGP Update
Annual SWPPP Training
January Site Visits
PPT Member Highlight: Pete Von Gonten of Dollar/Thrifty Rent-A-Car
Answers to Fall 2008 Edition Test Time
Fall 2008
What’s Downstream Series: Arlington Wildlife Area
Best Management Practice Highlight: Oil Water Separators
Fueling and Topping Off
Annual Stormwater Training
Inspection Checklists
PPT Member Highlight: Patricia Goodman of Federal Express
Answers to Spring 2008 Edition Test Time
Spring 2008
What’s Downstream Series: Tres Rios Demonstration Wetlands
Best Management Practice Highlight: Spill Response
GYR Spill Response Plan Update
Compliance Trends
Compliance Letters
SPCC Rule Revisions
PPT Member Highlight: Ryan Reeves of Sun Western Flyers
Fall 2007
What’s Downstream Series: Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Project
Best Management Practice Highlight: Deicing
What Should I Do With the Compliance Letter I Received?
Next Round of Inspections Will Be In January – Are You Prepared?
Secondary Containment
Sample Emergency Response Plan Available Online
PPT Member Highlight: Lisa Farinas of the City of Phoenix Aviation Department
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