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** The PublicVue flight tracking and complaint system technical issues have been resolved. The City of Phoenix Aviation Department appreciates your patience in this matter and your continued commitment in helping accurately document these noise concerns. Please check the Review section periodically in PublicVue to ensure that your complaints are being documented as submitted.

Welcome to the City of Phoenix Aviation Department noise information system. We offer several ways for you to submit a comment or ask a question.

Smartphone App Available for Submitting Noise Complaints

If you have questions or comments about the app, please contact Aviation Department staff toll-free at (844) 244-7430.


  1. Click on the link:
  2. Save the app to your home screen (iPhone: Tap the box with vertical arrow and select add to home screen) (Android: Tap the 3 Menu dots and select save to homepage)
  3. Go to your home screen and open "Complaint Box Mobile"
  4. Follow the app steps 1 through 4
  5. Submit additional complaints by tapping “Create A New Comment”
  6. Note: After using the app the first time, user information is saved and does not need to be re-entered after filing an initial complaint


Web form Enter your name, address and information about the noise event. Does not require user account.


PublicVue – Fast track account Create a log-in for quick submittal of comments and questions. This page also provides access to PublicVue flight tracking and detailed instructions on how to use this portal.

  • Fast Track Account is the PublicVue Flight Tracker and Complaint Form.


Call  toll-free (844) 244-7430 to leave a comment or question for the Sky Harbor Airspace and Noise Section.

Information submitted will be included in Sky Harbor’s monthly noise reports and will be shared with the FAA.

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More Information 

For questions about FAA changes in flight paths you may call the Sky Harbor Airspace and Noise Section at 844-244-7430 or contact the FAA directly at 202-267-3521 or email

Airport staff recommends if you have noise concerns that you notify both the City (options listed above) and the FAA.