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Phoenix Sky Harbor
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June 19th Update

Sky Harbor at Night

1. What is the status of the lawsuit? 
The City of Phoenix filed its Petition for Review of the FAA’s RNAV procedures in the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit on June 1, 2015. The next major step required by the courts will be submission of briefs by Phoenix and the FAA later in the year. The process may take 12-24 months. All updates will be posted here.

2. Has there been any news from the court?
The court has put the lawsuit on its docket, assigned it a case number and provided preliminary procedural documents to the city and FAA. The court will not rule on the substance of the issues raised by the city for as long as a year, after the City and the FAA submit briefs.

3. Has the City been in contact with the FAA since the lawsuit was filed?
The airport maintains regular contact with the FAA regarding regular day-to-day business including operations, safety, grants, airport projects and other issues. As per standard legal protocol, no city employee has discussed the litigation with the FAA since the lawsuit was filed. All interaction regarding the lawsuit is being conducted by the legal teams.

4. When will the investigation about the City’s role in the FAA RNAV process be complete?
The investigation is complete and now the follow-up report is being finalized. The information will be made available to the public as soon as possible.

5. When will the new staff be hired to handle noise issues?
Deborah Ostreicher was appointed Assistant Aviation Director and will be overseeing the noise and planning functions. To create additional capacity in the noise area, three new positions have been approved by the city council. The hiring process is already underway and the positions are budgeted for FY 15-16, which begins July 1.