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Phoenix Sky Harbor
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June 29th Update

Sky Harbor at Night

Community Engagement and Empowerment
Congressman Ruben Gallego hosted a community meeting in the Encanto neighborhood Monday evening, June 22, to discuss what Arizona’s Congressional delegation is doing to advocate on behalf of those affected by FAA flight path changes and to strategize next steps. Phoenix Councilmembers Laura Pastor and Michael Nowakowski also attended the meeting. Assistant Aviation Director Chad Makovsky gave a brief update on recent developments and assisted in answering questions from community members.

Coalition of Other Cities and the Industry
Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton attended the US Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting on June 19-20, where he recommended an RNAV resolution to support community involvement in the review of RNAV flight paths and included a provision which requires the FAA to provide airports and their communities with no less than 30 days’ notice regarding the proposed RNAV flight path revisions. Mayor Stanton’s resolution was successfully adopted by the mayors. For the full text of the adopted resolution, see:http://www.usmayors.org/83rdAnnualMeeting/displayresolution.asp?resid=83aReso119.

Lobby Airlines, Agencies and Congress for FAA Change
Mayor Stanton met with US Senator Jeff Flake on Tuesday June 23 in Washington, DC and discussed the FAA flight path changes. Senator Flake and his staff expressed their interest in working closely with the city as the FAA reauthorization process gets underway and the city pursues the inclusion of community involvement legislation. Mayor Stanton also met with Congressman Gallego and staff from the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Enhance Aviation Noise Program
On Tuesday, June 23, the City of Phoenix posted a report detailing an internal investigation related to FAA flight path changes. Four current Aviation Department employees were disciplined as a result of the investigation. City Manager Ed Zuercher also announced that Acting Aviation Director, Tamie Fisher would return to her previous position as Assistant Aviation Director and that Deputy City Manager Paul Blue will fill the role of Aviation Director until a permanent director is hired.