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Project Information
Land Reuse Map

The City of Phoenix Aviation Department has prepared a community-driven redevelopment plan for Airport parcels west of Phoenix Sky Harbor called the PHX Land Reuse Strategy. The Land Reuse Strategy addresses 743 “noise land” parcels which the Airport voluntarily acquired through the Community Noise Reduction Program. The Airport is required by the FAA to submit a plan for the reuse of noise lands.

The PHX Land Reuse Strategy envisions new and vibrant uses for the land west of Phoenix Sky Harbor. This collaborative strategy identifies the best way to deliver economic benefits to both the community and the Airport. Aspects of the Land Reuse Report will be used to guide the second phase of the program: Implementation and Redevelopment.


The Three Goals

Land reuse goals 1 - 3

Learn more about the Land Reuse Strategy

Thank You!

The strategy and framework are the result of robust community collaboration and partnership with the City’s Aviation Department. Thank you to all the residents, community associations and organizations, schools, businesses, non-profits, consultant project team, other stakeholders, and City staff that stuck with the us during the two-year planning process!

Over the past two years, we have:

Land Reuse Strategy

Held 20 collaborative community meetings with nearly 700 participants

Land Reuse Strategy

Provided project updates at more than 90 meetings with neighborhood associations, individual residents, school boards, area businesses, non-profits, and more

Land Reuse Strategy

Delivered 400 door hangers to area residents

Land Reuse Strategy

Delivered postcard mailers to 1,012 properties

Land Reuse Strategy

Provided project updates through posters placed at 25 locations identified by community roundtables and other stakeholders

The PHX Land Reuse Strategy Submitted to the FAA!

On Friday, January 12, 2018, the City of Phoenix Aviation Department submitted the PHX Land Reuse Strategy and community preferred framework for redevelopment to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for their review and comment. The FAA submittal memo may be found on the PHX Land Reuse Memo to FAA.

The submittal to the FAA includes an addendum report showing 1) a supplemental land use redevelopment framework prepared by the Nuestro Barrio Unidos Neighborhood Association that proposes expanding the residential core village concept in the Central portion of the planning area and 2) a supplemental concept concerning the formation of a historic district focused on key historical figures and institutions in the planning area.


All community meetings for Phase 1: Vision and Planning are complete.


Phase 2 of the PHX Land Reuse Strategy, Implementation, kicked off in March 2018. More information about the Implementation phase and how to get involved may be found here: Phase 2: Implementation

If you have any questions or feedback about the PHX Land Reuse Strategy, please contact us at LRS@phoenix.gov or 602-532-6222 (project hotline).