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The PHX Land Reuse Strategy performed outreach that ensured the community was informed and provided the opportunity to deliver feedback throughout the course of the project. The PHX Land Reuse Strategy held four series of community meetings throughout the project. The project is committed to clarity, transparency, accountability and cultural inclusion.

Community Engagement Plan

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You can contact the Land Reuse Strategy Project Coordinator, Courtney Carter, at any time with questions and comments by clicking the Contact Us link at the top left of this page, emailing him at, or calling 602-683-2633.

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The final round of Community Meetings for the PHX Land Reuse Strategy were held on Dec. 6-8, 2016. Meetings were held at the Eastlake Park Community Center, Broadway Heritage Neighborhood Resource Center, and Wesley Community Center. The presentation from those meetings is available in English and Spanish. Meeting materials from each community meeting are available below. Materials include presentations and meeting summaries. Attendees were able to offer valuable insight to the draft plans presented by the project team. Thank you to all of the community members and other stakeholders that participated!

Project Materials

Dec. 6, 2016 –  North Area Meeting Summary
Dec. 7, 2016 – South Area Meeting Summary
Dec. 8, 2016 – Central Area Meeting Summary
December 2016 Community Meetings Presentation
December 2016 Meeting Poster
December 2016 Meeting Postcard
July 2016 Meetings Summary
July 2016 Meetings Presentation
July 2016 Meetings Postcard
April 21 Technical Forum Summary
Technical Forum Presentation
Technical Forum Announcement
February 9 Community Meeting Summary
February 10 Community Meeting Summary
February 11 Community Meeting Summary
February Community Meetings Presentation
February 2016 Meetings Postcard
February 2016 Poster

Project Stakeholder Groups

Program Committee Members

Project Management Committee

The Project Management Committee consists of staff from the City of Phoenix Aviation, Community and Economic Development, Neighborhood Services, Planning and Development, Parks, Housing and City Managers Departments along with City Council District 8.  The committee participates in facilitated collaboration to assist in guiding the project tasks of Inventory, Market Analysis and the Draft Strategy.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group consists of neighborhood advocates and local organization.  This group participates in facilitated collaboration throughout project progress, provides general guidance on project tasks such as Inventory, Market Analysis and the Draft Strategy and communicate feedback heard from the community.

Community Roundtable Groups

The three Community Roundtable Group members include neighborhood advocates and local businesses.  The Groups provide general guidance on project tasks such as Inventory, Market Analysis and the Draft Strategy and serve as a liaison between the project and the community.

Land Reuse Strategy Stakeholder Infographic