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The Market Analysis examines alternatives, to the extent practicable, for redevelopment opportunities on the subject properties. These Market Analysis Annotated Slides offer a high level view of the existing and potential market factors, including identified opportunities and constraints of the project parcels. The information this analysis provides will help shape the final Land Reuse Strategy plan. View the Market Overview.


Working Paper #2 - Market Analysis & Potential Strategies

Working Paper #2 synthesizes a number of key elements and is designed to be an informative decision-support tool and guide for specific development opportunities to be addressed in the follow-on work of the Land Redevelopment Program. Key elements of this working paper are:

  • Methodology
  • Community input
  • Market analytics
  • Market context and opportunities
  • Relevant industry benchmarking
  • Alternatives and potential strategies
Read the Working Paper #2 - Market Analysis & Potential Strategies.
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