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The Inventory component of the project is the foundation of the Land Reuse Strategy and was gathered thanks to the hard work and involvement of the project team, along with the City of Phoenix and community members. This draft Inventory Paper catalogues the parcels under consideration, and which were acquired by the Airport and are subject to FAA requirements for a reuse plan. The inventory establishes a clear baseline of the parcels as well as any issues those parcels may present in future planning. This baseline serves to inform the final plan preparation processes. View the Inventory Paper.


 An important aspect of the planning process is to understand what has and has not worked at other airports around the country. The Benchmarking White Paper presents a summarized review of reuse efforts at similar airports, conducted to help inform the process for the City of Phoenix. View the Benchmarking White Paper.

View the Policy Plan Summaries for the Land Reuse Strategy.