Phoenix Sky Harbor
International Airport

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Sky Harbor at Night
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Heather Lissner and Sam Gonzales, Final Four travel tipsMP314.05 MB  Download
Armando Jenkins, Aviation SupervisorMP317.90 MB27 Feb, 2017 Download
Glenn Williamson, Canada Arizona Business CouncilMP324.50 MB18 Jul, 2016 Download
Rich Oliver, Frontier AirlinesMP322.52 MB08 May, 2016 Download
Susan Tierney, Valley MetroMP324.40 MB  Download
Travel Tips, Floyd Johnson and Heather LissnerMP324.60 MB  Download
Southwest Airlines Mike Miller and Cesar Enriquez, Traveling with PetsMP324.72 MB19 Jan, 2014 Download
Family-Friendly Services at Sky HarborMP324.72 MB26 Jan, 2014 Download
Floyd Johnson and Claudina Echeveste discuss Early Bag CheckMP324.72 MB16 Mar, 2014 Download
The Club at PHXMP324.72 MB06 Apr, 2014 Download
The Club at PHXMP321.44 MB11 May, 2014 Download
Rachel Brannan, Navigator ProgramMP324.74 MB23 Nov, 2014 Download
Floyd Johnson, Early Bag CheckMP324.72 MB07 Dec, 2014 Download
Nico Melendez, TSA Pre-CheckMP324.72 MB09 Nov, 2014 Download
Floyd Johnson and Dean ZattairMP324.71 MB14 Jun, 2015 Download
Ron NielsenMP324.72 MB21 Jun, 2015 Download
Nico Melendez, TSAMP324.72 MB25 Jan, 2015 Download
Kristen JarnaginMP324.72 MB22 Mar, 2015 Download
Jason Chakravarty and Laurie NesselMP324.72 MB08 Mar, 2015 Download