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Maintaining Facilities – A Look into the Facilities and Services Division

by Public Relations | Published On: May 13, 2013 | Last Updated: 

The PHX Sky Train™ opened April 8 with fanfare. For travelers, the PHX Sky Train provides an important and seamless connection between the Airport and the community. But what many travelers might not realize is the work that the Phoenix Aviation Department’s Facilities and Services division does to make the stations welcoming front doors to the Airport.

In its final days before opening, staff was working diligently to clean the station floors and ceilings, install the signs on the short-term parking meters at the 44th Street Station, and much more.

In the past, travelers might have seen employees working on landscaping or cleaning the floors in the terminals. Now, that work extends to the PHX Sky Train stations as well. In fact, the work the Facilities and Services staff does is quite extensive. With more than 400 employees, Facilities and Services is responsible for many different functions and areas of the airport. These include cleaning, trash, electrical systems, fire and life safety, building finishes such as ceiling, walls and the floors, roofing, plumbing, cooling, landscaping, glass, locks, elevators, escalators and moving walkways, doors, seating, signage and pet park maintenance.

The key focus of Facilities and Services is keeping the facilities safe and efficient for the traveling public.

“Safety is always an important focus for us,” said Becky Gawin, Deputy Aviation Director for Facilities and Services. “We make sure our facilities are compliant with building and fire/life safety codes. We also make sure they function the way they are intended to so that travelers can move efficiently through the buildings and onto their destinations.”

Customer service also plays an important role as Facilities and Services staff often assists customers they encounter who have questions as they are out in the field. “We want them (our staff) to be welcoming so that the experience is great for our customers,” Gawin said

While not always visible, the behind-the-scenes work that the dedicated Facilities and Services staff does, is key in providing travelers with clean and welcoming facilities when they visit America’s Friendliest Airport®.

Published: April 23, 2013