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Environmentally Friendly Initiatives at Sky Harbor

by Public Relations | Published On: Apr 19, 2012 | Last Updated: 

VIDEO_CNGAs Earth Day approaches, it is a good time to share how environmentally friendly we are at America’s Friendliest Airport®. Several key programs to reduce the Airport’s environmental impact include a robust recycling program, installation of solar panels, use of alternative fuels and other energy saving measures.

Recycling and Waste Reduction
America’s Friendliest Airport® has recycling bins throughout the terminals making it very easy for travelers to recycle. Recently, the number of recycling bins was doubled in Terminal 4, the busiest terminal. Phoenix Sky Harbor also has an on-site recycling facility that makes it easy to process and handle recycled and regular waste. Other recycling efforts include mulching green trimmings and reusing mulch as well as other materials from construction projects.

Harnessing Solar Energy
Earlier this year, Phoenix Sky Harbor dedicated a 5.4 megawatt high efficiency solar power system. The 12,000 solar panels designed and built by SunPower Corp. on top of the Rental Car Center as well as the nearly 4,000 panels on top of the East Economy Garages combine to make the largest solar project in the state. And, it is anticipated this project will generate approximately 51 percent of the electricity demand the Airport’s Rental Car Center, East Economy Parking Garages and toll plaza.

Fueling the Future
Phoenix Sky Harbor has a dedicated alternative fuel program. Approximately 380 operations vehicles and over 100 transit buses that transport passengers between the terminals, parking areas and METRO light rail station, run on alternative fuel. About 250 of the Airport’s operational vehicles are equipped with cleaner burning or alternative fuels or are hybrid vehicles. These vehicles either operate on CNG, E85 fuel or are bio-diesel. Find out more.

More Energy Saving Measures
Sky Harbor has implemented many energy savings measures, especially during the warm summer months. During the summer months, temperatures are raised slightly to conserve energy. Energy saving light reduction programs also take place in the main terminals, the adjacent parking garages, the East Economy Parking Garages, and the Rental Car Center. All indoor temperatures and reduced light levels conform to industry standards. Phoenix Sky Harbor has also installed skylights in Terminal 3 and on the Facilities and Services building to provide a day lighting effect in certain areas. Artificial lighting, adjacent to these sky lights, is automatically controlled to make full benefit of the light available from the sun.

Find out even more about our green initiatives.

Published: April 19, 2012