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New Grandfather Thanks Those Who Saved His Life

by Public Relations | Published On: Jul 24, 2015 | Last Updated: 
44th AED Save Press Conference

More than 125,000 people come to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport each day, but a chance encounter between two strangers led to a life being saved and a man having the opportunity to live to see his new grandson.

In June, Bill Lovelace returned to Phoenix. As he was waiting for his family to pick him up, he collapsed. Vincent Zomok had just left the Cell Phone Lot to pick up his father at Terminal 4 when he noticed a man fall to the ground. Zomok, a nurse at the Cancer Treatment Center of America, exited the car and began CPR on Lovelace until an AED was retrieved and Phoenix Fire Station 19 arrived on-site. It was the quick actions by Zomok and Phoenix Fire that saved Lovelace’s life.

On July 23, Bill was joined by his wife, mother, daughter, son-in-law and grandson to thank Vince and members of Phoenix Fire. Members from Phoenix Fire were: Ben Lindquist, Scott Merrill, and Scott Nicholas. Not pictured but involved in the rescue efforts were: Captain Dale Hooker, Bruce Becker and Tanner Poirier.

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