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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Installing a Moving Walkway

by Public Relations | Published On: May 27, 2015 | Last Updated: 

More than likely when you’ve traveled through an airport, a museum, or a theme park at some point in your life, you’ve used a moving walkway. At airports, these are quite convenient and helpful to ease the amount of walking you have to do when traveling long distances through different concourses or terminals. Did you know that PHX Sky Harbor is replacing and upgrading its moving walkways?

“PHX Sky Harbor has 26 moving walkways at Terminal 4 and the original 12 are going to be replaced one-by-one,” said Shannon Newcomb, Construction Liaison in the Facilities & Services Division. “These new moving walkways are going to be the transit type (heavy duty) rather than the commercial type. In fact, the transit type last a lot longer, approximately 30 to 40 years, compared to the commercial type which last for about 15 to 20 years. The new walkways will also have a smoother and quieter ride.”

The first walkway that is in the process of being replaced is Moving Walkway Number 2 on the north side of Terminal 4 between North concourse 2 and 3. Generally, it takes two and a half months for a walkway to be replaced. This includes bringing each section of the walkway into the terminal, installation, electrical set-up and testing. As one might imagine, getting the new walkways into the terminal is quite a feat. The walkways come in five or six total sections and are brought in through a window. Check out the pictures above to see how the walkways were transported into Terminal 4.

Here are some facts about Moving Walkway Number 2 in the Terminal 4 North Concourse:

  • It is 300 ft long – the length of a football field
  • The previous walkway ran for about 20 years or for 225,000 hours at 100 ft per min x 60 min = 6000 ft per hr x 225,000 hrs = 1,350,000,000 ft / 5280 ft (1 mile) = 255,681 miles.

The next moving walkway scheduled for replacement is Number 1 and should take approximately three to four months for installation. It is also located at the Terminal 4 North Concourse.