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Catch a Black and Silver Bus

by Public Relations | Published On: May 27, 2015 | Last Updated: 

Not sure which bus to take to get to the parking lots or to another terminal? Knowing which shuttle bus goes where is now much easier. All buses with the exception of the Rental Car Center buses are black and silver (think of the black and silver buses that currently run to the Light Rail station at 44th Street and Washington). Sky Harbor no longer uses the dark green inter-terminal/east economy lot/west economy lot buses or the red employee buses.

So if you want to get to another terminal, to the light rail, the public parking lots or an employee lot, simply look for the black and silver bus. Then look at the lighted electronic display on the front, side or back of the bus to see its route. Catch your bus from the same stop as you always have, and time intervals between buses remain the same. The light green buses serving the Rental Car Center remain unchanged.