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Centennial House Project Wins Preservation Award

by Public Relations | Published On: May 27, 2015 | Last Updated: 

The City of Phoenix Aviation Department’s Residential Sound Mitigation Services (RSMS) has received a 2009 Arizona Governor’s Heritage Preservation Honor Award. The honor came June 19 at the Arizona Statewide Historic Preservation Partnership Conference Luncheon. This award honors organizations that show exceptional achievement in preserving Arizona’s prehistoric and historic resources.

RSMS was honored for its sound mitigation efforts in general, as well as more specifically, the work on six historic homes, including the Centennial House. The Centennial House is the 28th listed property on the Tempe, AZ Historic Property Register and the oldest remaining brick residential building within the city of Tempe’s limits.

Following local and federal historical preservation guidelines, RSMS and its consultants worked diligently to complete the project and make sure everything was done according to regulations. They also followed the guidelines of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for sound insulation.

“The Centennial House is special to the owner and special to Tempe and its heritage, so it was important to RSMS that we provided special care to the property when we installed our sound insulating materials,” said Mary Beth Thompson, RSMS Program Manager. “RSMS is glad to have had the opportunity to improve the quality of life for those living in the house, while helping preserve a bit of the history that is so important for Tempe and its neighborhoods.”

Over 1,700 homes in both Phoenix and Tempe have been sound mitigated through the RSMS program. This program has aided in improving the quality of life for thousands of families affected by Airport noise. For more than 13 years, RSMS has worked with government agencies, architects, builders, engineers, non-profit organizations and community members to provide free sound mitigation services to homes located within noise impacted areas surrounding Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. In June 2009, the program will complete its final phase and will begin a new program, Sound Insulation Mitigation Services (SIMS) to provide sound mitigation services to schools, churches and community centers surrounding the Airport.

Congratulations to the RSMS on this outstanding achievement!

Above and to the right, RSMS Project Manager Trina Harrison, RSMS Program Manager Mary Beth Thompson, and Assistant Aviation Director Carl Newman accept an Arizona Governor's Heritage Preservation Honor Award.