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Helpful Travel Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

by Public Relations | Published On: May 21, 2012 | Last Updated: 

Traveling for Memorial Day? If so, you will want to check out the following travel tips which will help make your journey a little bit easier.

  • Do NOT arrive at the last minute. Get to the Airport two hours before your flight departs, especially if you are parking or checking bags.
  • Have questions about where to park? Visit for options, price and space availability. Or, call our 24-hour parking hotline at 602-273-4545. And, if you park in East Economy, look for a sign at the bus stop and scan the QR Code with your smartphone to be sent a text or email reminder of where you parked.
  • Visit on your smartphone or tablet to access ourmobile website to find out what food and shops are near your gate as well as other Airport information.
  • Most liquids and gels brought through the checkpoint must be in 3 oz containers or less. Bring a zip top bag to consolidate small quantities of liquids. Larger quantities of medically necessary liquids are allowed only at the discretion of TSA screeners.
  • Wear shoes that are easy to remove at the checkpoint.
  • Remove large electronics from your carry-on bags and place them in their own TSA bin.
  • Have more questions about security screening? Contract the Transportation Security Administration at: 866-289-9673, or
  • Mark your bags and electronics clearly so you recognize them immediately.
  • Bring a snack or meal for the plane. Food may be carried through security and beverages may be purchased past security and brought onto the aircraft.
  • Use the free cell phone lots to wait for arriving passengers and avoid circling the terminals.

Published: May 21, 2012