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Military & Veterans Hospitality Room Sees Spike in Visitors

by Public Relations | Published On: May 27, 2015 | Last Updated: 

Are you ever sitting at Sky Harbor and hear an overhead announcement about the Military & Veterans Hospitality Room? Ever wonder what that’s all about?

The Military & Veteran’s Hospitality Room is an area where military members, veterans, and their families can have their own private space to wait for their flights or say their goodbyes to loved ones before departing. The room is located pre-security upstairs above the Terminal 2 lobby. It has sofas, chairs, computers, TVs, games, a kitchen, and even a play area for children. Water, soft drinks, snacks, and books are provided free of charge.

Recently, the Military & Veterans Hospitality room, which is staffed by volunteers, has seen a significant increase in visitors. “Our average number of visitors per month was about 500 plus,” said Anne Theodosis, Executive Director of the Military & Veterans Hospitality Room. “In April, we saw 749 visitors, in May 853, and we’re expecting to see record numbers in June as well.”

And, the other exciting news for the Military & Veterans Hospitality room is that recently the kids’ playroom has been spruced up to make it more fun. Nora Niles, a local artist, donated a mural called the “Pirate Cove.” The brightly, colored mural lets children imagine they are in the jungle hunting for lost treasures.

For more information about the PHX Military & Veterans Hospitality Room, visit their Website.