Phoenix Sky Harbor
International Airport

Artist - Janelle L. Stanley

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Content_Janelle (1)Janelle L. Stanley
Haak’u / Acoma Connection
315 x 30 terrazzo floor
Fabricator: Corradini Corporation 

Janelle L. Stanley, a Diné (Navajo) artist, drew inspiration for this floor design from traditional Haak’u (Acoma) pottery and a treasured family turquoise brooch. She acquired both items on trips to and from northern Arizona. The brooch continues to accompany her on her many travels. A ribbon of terracotta color reminiscent of the Arizona desert creates a pathway which is highlighted by geometric patterns taken from the pottery and representations of the brooch. The design serves as a reminder of journeys she has made through life. 

Public Art project was commissioned by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program with Aviation percent for art funds.