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Content_MadayagParekowhaiDeeb (2)Mario Madayag and Michael Parekowhai with Paul Deeb

Blue Stratus, 2013
150 x 40’ ceiling installation, aluminum, steel, LED lights 

The international team of Mario Madayag (WA), Michael Parekowhai (NZ), and Paul Deeb (AZ) created a work inspired by the vivid blue of the Arizona sky and the ancient history and role of water in shaping the desert. The name Blue Stratus refers to a low altitude cloud that forms a continuous horizontal layer. The ceiling was made with 6,610 uniquely shaped aluminum reflector panels. To heighten their atmospheric effects, they were painted six different colors of blue and made to move in the breeze. The team programmed lights above the ceiling to create a slowly changing tableau of color. 

Public Art project was commissioned by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program with Aviation percent for art funds.