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Deer Valley Airport

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Photographs by Tom Brownold

Phoenix Goodyear Airport, lobby area

For more than one hundred years, mules have carried people and supplies up and down the steep trails of the Grand Canyon.  These sure-footed creatures have been instrumental in the construction and maintenance of the South Rim water pipeline, the trail system, and Phantom Ranch.  Instead of hiking it, visitors can still ride mules into the canyon just as the first tourists did in the 1800s.  After descending through layers of rock that represent almost two billion years of the earth’s history the “dudes” astride mules reach Phantom Ranch, where they can finally dismount from their Grand Ride.

“I am always looking for interesting images...I thought that photographing the mules and the livery operation based on the South Rim would be a great means of getting to know about the mules, the guides and the support crew that make it work.  After a year of twice-monthly trips to visit the historic mule barns, I have come away with a body of work that hints of the past and is of the present.”   

Switch Back by Tom Brownold