Pick Up & Drop Off


If you're picking up or dropping off passengers at Sky Harbor, check our flight schedules before arriving to ensure you know which of our three terminals to visit. The map below lists the terminals where each airline is located.

It’s best to determine in advance where you will meet your party because curb access can be limited due to construction or during peak travel times. It’s also a good idea to check with the airline serving your passengers before arriving at the Airport to confirm flight departure and arrival times.

Please note: Parking and waiting at the curb is strictly prohibited and violators are subject to enforcement. Drivers may wait to pick up passengers in one of the airport's free cell phone waiting lots.



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Pick Up & Drop Off




Am I able to meet my family member at the gate?

Most airlines will issue an escort pass which will allow you to go through security to pick up an underage or disabled relative. We recommend that you contact the airline well in advance of arrival in order to be issued the escort pass. See  airline contact information.

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