America's Friendliest Airport®

Navigator Customer Assistance

At Sky Harbor, customer service is second only to safety and security. Ensuring a positive experience for all who visit the Airport is a top priority for all aviation staff, and we work together to be America’s Friendliest Airport®. 

One of our most visible efforts comes in the form of our cheerful Navigator volunteers. Devoted. Enthusiastic. Passionate. These are three words often used to describe our customer service ambassadors and volunteers. More than just people in purple, they are at the very core of customer service at America’s Friendliest Airport®. They serve as a welcoming presence to over 100,000 passengers each day, and go above and beyond throughout the year.  These friendly folks strive to make our guests’ experience at Sky Harbor faster, easier and more enjoyable. Our customer service team serves all three terminals by providing directions, friendly assistance and so much more!

Navigators aren’t the only ones providing excellent customer service at Sky Harbor. Every employee strives to serve our customers so we may live up to our title of America’s Friendliest Airport®. If you encountered an employee who made your experience easier or more positive, let us know about it! Customer service is second only to safety and Security, and the best way for us to serve you is to learn about any concerns or challenges you may have had while visiting Sky Harbor. 

Our goal is to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience from the moment you walk into the door until your plane takes off. Sometimes, circumstances happen that prevent you from having the best experience; if that happens, we’re here to help! It’s easy to drop or misplace small items at an airport, but travelers can lose big items, like their cars, too. There are several parking lots at Sky Harbor and it’s not uncommon to forget where you left your vehicle. Our free  motorist assistance program can help you find your vehicle or help with other things, such as a flat tire or a dead battery. And the next time you visit, be sure to pick up a complimentary card found in the elevator banks and write down your parking location so you won’t need to remember where you parked; just remember where you put the card! Or use your phone to take a picture of where you parked for easy reference.

We wish you pleasant travels and look forward to serving you on your next visit to America’s Friendliest Airport®!

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