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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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The health and safety of our customers is our top priority. When you are ready to travel again, we are here for you.

A Focus on Sanitation

20200820_082640We recently added seven UV-C LED light sterilizers to pre-security escalators in Terminals 3 and 4. This is in addition to the seven we had previously added earlier this summer. Operating 24 hours a day, the new handrail sterilizer is known to kill up to 99.9 percent of disease-causing microorganisms using a germ-destroying light. The light is mounted underneath the escalator handrails out of passenger view and provides an excellent sanitizing solution for the high-touch handrails.

Because health and sanitation are top-of-mind, we have also made some modifications to our heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. We have increased outside air circulation 60-100% which helps to further sanitize our air by replacing air inside the building with fresh, filtered outside air. Our filtration system is a two-stage process with two filters used, and we have increased monitoring and condition assessment of more than 34,000 filters in more than 400 air handlers through our building automation system.

Health and Safety

We will continue to maintain a thorough 24-hour cleaning schedule. The number of times per day high-touch areas are sanitized was increased at the onset of the COVID-19 global health pandemic, and these vigilant sanitation efforts will remain in place.

We are in constant contact with county, state, and federal health officials and follow their health and safety directions as needed.

Here are some of the manners in which we ensure that your health and safety is at the forefront of our operations:

  • We have installed appropriate physical distance markers in our facilities and will be adding more in queue lines.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are available for our customers and employees.
  • We have installed plexiglass at our Information Counters to create a seamless but effective barrier between staff and customers.
  • We are encouraging physical distancing with overhead announcements, messaging on our flight information displays, and additional signage.
  • We are asking passengers to limit the number of people on our Rental Car Center buses to 10 individuals per bus and in the PHX Sky Train® cars to 15 individuals per vehicle and to stand back from the doors to allow others to exit.
  • Our shops have new protocols in place. For many, this includes additional signage, barriers and queueing markers, increased sanitation, limiting the number of people in stores, and encouraging touchless transactions.
  • Restaurants that have fully re-opened have re-configured seating for physical distancing. Many remain open for take-out only at this time.
  • Safety signage/messaging is being placed at entryways, PHX Sky Train®, buses, and on our website.

Check & Fly Airport App

Airports Council International (ACI) has launched a new app called Check & Fly. This app gives travelers the opportunity to be prepared for their next flight by checking the health and safety measures of their departure and arrival airports. The app is currently only available for Apple users. Download it through the App Store.

Facial Covering Mandate

As of June 1, 2020, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport requires all employees and members of the public entering public airport facilities, including the terminals, the Rental Car Center, the PHX Sky Train®, and Airport buses to wear a face covering. In concert with major airlines, the TSA, airports across the country including Seattle, Denver, LAX, New York’s JFK, Boston Logan, Miami, and even companies such as Uber, everyone in public airport facilities will be required to cover their noses and mouths.

Travelers, employees, and those visiting the airport should bring their own face covering to wear throughout the airport. Many airport stores are currently selling masks, with more stores to offer additional options soon. Masks are also available at the Airport's Information Counters.

The face covering does not have to be commercially purchased. It can be a homemade cloth mask, or bandana – as long at the requirement is met to cover the nose and mouth. The CDC has instructions on how to create and wear a cloth face covering. How Well Do Masks Work? View this video from PBS.

Exceptions to this requirement include:

  • Children two years of age or younger
  • Any child age 12 years or less unless parents and caregivers supervise the use of face coverings, or any individual who has a physical disability that prevents easily wearing or removing a face covering
  • Any individual who is hearing impaired and uses facial and mouth movements as part of communication, or it is necessary for communicating with an individual using facial and mouth movements to share information
  • Individuals consuming food or beverages
  • Individuals who are unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition
  • When necessary for identification verification purposes
  • When necessary for taking photographs for Aviation Credentialing/Security Badging purposes

Masks/PPE For Sale

Masks are on sale in Terminal 4 at the following locations:

  • Trip Advisor (Gates A1-A14)
  • 12 News (Gates A17-A30)
  • Hudson (Gates B17-B28)
  • Connections (Gates C1-C9, D1-D8)
  • Arizona Highways (Presecurity)

Masks are on sale in Terminal 3 at the following locations:

  • Passage by Hudson (Post-security Lobby)
  • Ironwood (Gates F1-F15)
  • Best of the Valley (Gates F1-F15)
  • Discover Arizona/House of Marley (Gates E1-E10)
  • Stellar Market and News (Gates E1-E10)

PPE Vending Machines

PPE vending machines are now available pre-security in both terminals. The machines include the following:

  • Individual and bulk packaged face masks, including disposable, KN95, and cloth options;
  • Individual 2-ounce and 4-ounce hand sanitizers, and bulk hand sanitizer wipes;
  • All-in-one hygiene kits;
  • Nitrile gloves and multi-use thermometers;
  • Portable and rechargeable UV-C sanitizers for mobile devices and personal items;
  • Over-the-counter medicines.

Look for PPE vending machines in the following locations:

Terminal 3:

  • Level 1 Ticket Counters (Door 1)
  • Level 1 Ticket Counters (Door 2)
  • Level 1 Ticket Counters (Door 4)
  • Level 1 Baggage Claim (Door 6)
  • Level 2 Inside TSA Security Checkpoint

Terminal 4:

  • Level 2 Ticketing (inside Door 25)
  • Level 3 East, before TSA Security Checkpoint C
  • Level 3 Center, next to north ATM Machine
  • Level 3 West, before TSA Security Checkpoint A
  • Level 7 Parking Garage West Elevator Lobby
  • Level 7 Parking Garage East Elevator Lobby

Rental Car Center:

  • Center Lobby

What can you do as a traveler?

Give yourself extra time.
Practice physical distancing at all times.
Wash your hands frequently.
Use a mobile boarding pass.
Check your airline’s website for their policies for travel.
Continue to check this page for the most up-to-date Airport information.

Airline and Flight Information

Should a flight crew have reason to believe that a passenger on board may have the Coronavirus, they will call ahead to ensure that paramedics and health department officials respond accordingly.

If you have flown recently and been diagnosed with the virus, protocol is for your health department to notify your airline and airport so that other passengers can be advised.

To get more information on public health restrictions in other states, please visit the CDC State and Territorial Health Department Websites listing.

See how airlines are working to ensure customers’ well-being while traveling. Learn more.

We are in daily contact with all of our airlines to keep the traveling public safe. If you have concerns about flying, we recommend that you reach out to your airline. Here are COVID-19 links to carriers serving Phoenix Sky Harbor:

Canadian Flights

Air Canada resumed a limited number of flights between PHX.

European Flights

Some Phoenix Sky Harbor International flights are impacted by the temporary suspension of travel from continental Europe.

The United States government imposed an additional entry requirement on March 16, 2020 temporarily restricting travel from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

American Airlines serves London (LHR). Their flights are slated to resume in the winter. British Airways is also temporarily suspending service.

Condor Airlines flights to Frankfurt, Germany are temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. Please visit this link for more information.

Eurowings has temporarily delayed its launch from Phoenix to Frankfurt.

We are working closely with our airline partners to coordinate air service schedules and will share more information as it becomes available.

Other Flights

Volaris reinstated twice-weekly service between Phoenix and Guadalajara.

Hawaiian Airlines will be re-instating PHX to Honolulu (HNL) service beginning November 1.

As always, it is a good idea to check your flight status with your airline before coming to the airport.

Airport Operational Updates

Self-imposed protocols at Phoenix Sky Harbor

  • In addition to Sky Harbor’s already thorough 24-hour cleaning schedule, the Airport has proactively increased the number of times per day it sanitizes high-touch areas.
  • If someone falls ill while at the airport and calls for paramedics, the Phoenix Fire Department will respond appropriately, in partnership with Maricopa County Health.
  • Employees and passengers are being encouraged to use hand sanitizer and wash hands often, for at least 20 seconds.

Other Closures

  • The Park and Walk is temporarily closed.
  • The 2020 Teen Navigator Program has been postponed until the summer of 2021. 

Airport Concessions

Most restaurants and shops pre-security are shut down due to low demand. Shops post-security are open on a limited basis. Most vendors have advised that they are cutting hours due to a dramatic decrease in demand.

Airline Lounges

For status updates on airline lounges Sky Harbor, please visit the Airport Clubs and Lounges page.

ABM Wheelchairs

Since the demand for wheelchair request has dropped, the majority of the wheelchairs have gone into storage. The remaining wheelchairs used by ABM are staged by the Level 2 podium. All of these get cleaned four times a day and they are also cleaned as they are brought back to the staging area. The wheelchairs in the gate area are cleaned as soon as passengers finish using them.


Want the safety of driving your own vehicle to the airport and parking close to your gate? We offer convenient parking options and a touchless travel experience. Save money by reserving your parking in advance.

Prospect Wheelchairs

Prospect sanitizes every wheelchair after every use. Personnel are stationed at each wheelchair corral throughout the concourses with sanitized wheelchair and employees return the chairs back to a corral after it has been used. The sanitation team then sanitizes it and puts it in the sanitized corral. Prospect also sanitizes every aisle chair after every use and tags them so that gate agents know it has been sanitized.


Effective May 18, Uber is requiring all drivers and passengers to wear a face covering. Learn more.


Read the latest updates on how Lyft drivers and passengers can protect themselves. Learn more.


TSA COVID-19 Information

TSA has created a website with information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic:

TSA announced updated security procedures for summer travelers on May 21.

Watch the TSA's video, "What to Know Before You Go."

Traveling During the COVID-19 Pandemic

TSA understands that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is on the minds of travelers and the general public, and it continues to work with the CDC and state and local health departments to monitor local situations as well as the health and safety of TSA employees and the traveling public. Throughout this crisis, the TSA's commitment remains to protect the nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. If you choose to fly, or are getting ready to fly in the near future, read what TSA is doing to keep you, your family, and your community safe.

TSA Security Checkpoint Closures

Terminal 4: TSA Security Checkpoints A, B and C are open. Checkpoint D is closed but may be open intermittently as passenger traffic and conditions warrant. 

Global Entry Enrollment Center Availability

Please note the Global Entry Enrollment Center on Level 3 of Terminal 4 is open by appointment only.

Health Department Links

We continue to stay in close contact with county, state, and federal health officials and will follow their direction should further action be needed.

For more information, please visit: