Duty Free Liquids and Connecting Flights – What You Need To Know

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videospotdutyfree (1)Traveling from the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, or Costa Rica and connecting through PHX Sky Harbor? Leaving your destination did you purchase duty free liquids such as perfumes or alcohol that you were planning to bring back for family or a splurge for yourself? If so, it is important for you to know that any liquid duty free item you purchased must be put in your re-checked luggage when you connect through an airport. This means that when you claim your baggage in Phoenix and go through Customs, place your perfumes or alcohol into your checked baggage and then recheck your baggage before you head to your gate. Your duty free liquids will not be able to pass through the security checkpoints and will be taken away during security screening due to The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA’s) 3 oz. liquid rule.

So remember, each time you fly, that all duty free liquids must be placed in re-checked baggage to the connecting destination. Don’t lose the item you were so excited to bring back. And, for general information about what you can and cannot take through security, please visit www.tsa.gov.

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