Foreign Currency Exchange Offered at Sky Harbor

Currency Exchange

Traveling overseas and need foreign currency? Did you know that PHX Sky Harbor has two locations where you can purchase various foreign currencies? The currency exchange locations, both operated by Travelex, are located in Terminal 4. One location is on Level 3, pre-security, just outside the B checkpoint. The other location in Terminal 4 is located past security next to gate B-15.

Travelex offers more than 100 foreign currencies with the most common available at their branches, including the Airport. Travelex can also order other currencies and have them available for you to pick up at the branch. Additionally, a “Cash Passport” service is offered. This is a pre-paid MasterCard available in Euros or Pounds. Returning home with extra Euros, Pounds, or Yen? Travelex can also turn that foreign currency back into dollars.

Travelex also has a chip & PIN Cash Passport Mastercard available for travelers to make purchasing abroad a more convenient experience.

For additional information, call the Travelex Airport branch at 602-275-8767.

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