Parking Zones

East Economy Parking

At America's Friendliest Airport®, we aim to make your experience as fast, enjoyable and friendly as possible. Our Navigator volunteers are trained make your journey through the airport as seamless as it can be. But for those of you who prefer self-service, here are some insider tips to help you.

The architecture of Terminal 4 is symmetrical: Each side mirrors the other. Although this design provides lots of space to walk to your gates or shop at the many great stores and restaurants, it is not intuitive for finding your way around by using cues or landmarks.

To help travelers and Airport visitors find their way around, Terminal 4 is segmented into four zones. This helps orient yourself, whether it’s to find your gate or return to your parked car. This zone system is based on the four security checkpoints, four elevator cores, and four parking zones. For example, Checkpoint C and the C gates are closest to elevator C and parking zone C.

See how the parking zones are situated in the passenger levels of Terminal 4:
Terminal 4, Level 1 Parking Zone
Terminal 4, Level 2 Parking Zone
Terminal 4, Level 3 Parking Zone

Insider Tip: Take a picture of the pillar nearest to your vehicle.


Parking Zone within garage               Zone C sign within parking garage elevator core                                   

Zone C signs within                       Zone C signs within

parking garage                              parking garage elevator core



Zone C signs inside Terminal 4               Overhead signs in Zone C

Zone C signs inside                       Overhead signs marking

Terminal 4                                      C Gates are in Zone C.

We hope this is helpful. If you need more assistance finding your way, look for a friendly smile in a purple Navigator jacket along the way.

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