Sky Harbor’s Ground Transportation (GT) section is responsible for the Commercial GT Permitting Program, the Lost and Found Program and operational management of GT contracts such as Taxicab Services, Van Service, Rental Car Busing Services, Taxi Dispatch Services, and the operations and maintenance contract for the PHX Sky Train®.

The Ground Transportation Office issues permits to more than 4,000 vehicles that provide commercial ground transportation services to our Airport patrons. In addition, the GT Office issues Airport driver IDs to approximately 5,000 drivers who conduct these commercial transportation services from Sky Harbor.

Other Resources

Frequent Parker Program for permitted Ground Transportation companies

Vendor Portal Access: Click on the link and enter your username and password

Map Layout of AVI Readers around the airport

The new City Ordinance incorporating the Ground Transportation Policy changes is now available online. The code can be found at Phoenix City Code, Chapter 4, Article IV.

New Ground Transportation Policy


Useful Ground Transportation Information