Phoenix Sky Harbor
International Airport


Blanco Tacos and Tequila

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is America’s Tastiest Airport! We provide many great options for dining. Grab a quick snack or enjoy a leisurely meal. Food is available on both sides of security.

Food and beverages are available for sale 24 hours a day, seven days a week at select restaurants pre-security in all three terminals. Restaurants located past security generally open one hour before departures from nearby gates and remain open up to 30 minutes after the last scheduled flight arrives.

Meals that contain less than three ounces of liquid (such as soup, yogurt or peanut butter) may be carried through security. Drinks may be purchased past security and carried onto the plane.

Looking to search for a restaurant on a map?  Visit our Maps page.

Terminal 2 Graphic        Terminal 3 Graphic        Terminal 4 Graphic      

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 Restaurants

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 Restaurants

  • Pre-Security

  • Post-Security

Terminal 4

Terminal 4 Restaurants

  • Terminal 4 - Pre-Security

  • Terminal 4 - Post Security Gates A1-A14

  • Terminal 4 - Post Security Gates A17-A30

  • Terminal 4 - Post Security Gates B1-B14

  • Terminal 4 - Post Security Gates B17-B28

  • Terminal 4 - Post Security Gates C1-C10

  • Terminal 4 - Post Security Gates C11-C20

  • Terminal 4 - Post Security Gates D1-D8

  • Terminal 4 - Post Security Gates D11-D18

Dining FAQs

Are any restaurants or shops open late in the evening?

Generally, at least one eatery is available before the first boarding and the last departure. However, there are some exceptions due to the frequency of airlines changing their schedules. At least one-pre-security eatery is open 24 hours a day in each terminal.

Are there any restaurants where I can get gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian meals?

Yes, check out some restaurants at Phoenix Sky Harbor that offer gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

Do any Airport restaurants offer kids menus?

Yes. Many restaurants offer special meals or items on their menus specifically for children. Inquire at specific restaurants for details.

All I want is some java. Is there a list of coffee shops at the airport?   

Cafés and Coffee Shops

  • Cafés and Coffee