About the Badging Process

Sky Harbor at Night

Sky Harbor’s Security Badging Office provides its business partners and their employees with badging and fingerprinting services that are needed for employees to work at the Airport.

Existing companies who are enrolling new badgeholders and/or renewing existing badgeholders are able to do so via a secure online system. New companies will still need to initially visit the Security Badging Office to start the badge enrollment process.

The Airport issues four types of badges: 1) the Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) badge, for unescorted access to the secured side of the Airport, including ramps and Air Operations Area (AOA); 2) the Sterile badge, to allow employees through the screening process at the security checkpoints, but does not authorize unescorted access to the SIDA, ramps, or AOA; 3) the Public badge, which authorizes access to public areas such as the Rental Car Center and 4) the Security Credential, which is identification media issued for persons who require and have cleared a Criminal History Records Check and Security Threat Assessment but do not require unescorted access to the sterile or restricted areas of the Airport.

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