Background Checks

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The Authorized Signers will be notified once the Security Threat Assessment and Criminal History Records Check clearance are received for each of their applicants. Applicants have 30 days from notification date to return to the Security Badging Office to attend the applicable training course and to claim the badge. Airline-sponsored applicants will be notified of this clearance through the airline. Failure to return within this time frame will cause the application to expire, resulting in the employee needing to reapply and start the process over with additional fees. Reminder: applicants cannot be issued a badge until the background checks have been cleared.

Criminal History Records Check (CHRC)

First time applicants are required to clear an electronic, fingerprint-based criminal history records check from our office before a badge can be issued. Both initial and renewal applicants are required to read, sign and answer each question individually on the electronic CHRC Application in our office. This online application lists the offenses (based on conviction) that disqualify applicants from receiving a badge.

Applicants must bring in the following Documents / ID required to satisfy the Criminal History Records Check (CHRC):

Two (2) forms of identification are required:

  • One (1) MUST be a valid, non-expired, government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, military ID, or passport. If applying for airport driving privileges, you must present a state issued unexpired driver's license issued within the United States.
  • A second identity form includes any of the above, social security card or birth certificate.
  • Non-U.S. citizen applicants MUST present their employment authorization documentation.
  • Naturalized U.S. citizens need to provide U.S. passport / cert of Nationality or birth abroad certificate 
  • An Alien Registration Card must be presented for verification and a Non-Immigrant Visa (U.S. issued, found inside passport) must be presented if applicable. Refer to requirements on the STA Application form.

NOTE:  We do NOT accept documents that are ripped, frayed, taped, laminated or faded and TSA now requires applicants provide a social security number.

Security Threat Assessment (STA)

Part of the security badging process requires the applicant to fill out application forms with information that is considered personal identifying information. One such requirement is when it comes to entering information to satisfy the TSA's Security Threat Assessment(STA) and the aliases. Lack of detail or information on the part of the applicant affects the badging process which results in the delay of the badge to be issued.

TSA would like to clarify and provide additional guidance regarding the use of the Alias/AKA field. TSA has observed that regulated stakeholders may not be providing ALL previously used names for applicants submitted to TSA for vetting purposes. It is imperative that badging offices ask all applicants if they have ever used any other names, both first names and last names, and record these additional names on the application to ensure complete and accurate vetting occurs for all applicants. It is common for names to change because of naturalization to the US, marriage, re-marriage, etc., therefore, applicants should not think there is a negative connotation associated with providing an alias or AKA name on the STA application.

Additional names must be listed on STA applications to cover the following scenarios.

  • Maiden names
  • Birth name that was changed due to naturalization or other reasons
  • Legal name changes
  • Extended last names
  • Spelling variations
  • Any additional names reflected on I-9 documents

If a badging office fails to list and submit an applicant’s previously used name(s), but TSA determines that other names do in fact exist for the submitted applicant, TSA will use the current corrections process to reject the application and return the case to the badging office. The badging office is then expected to verify the information with the applicant and submit an updated application to TSA to complete the vetting process. TSA considers querying applicants regarding any previous names used a best practice that all badging offices should implement if they have not done so already.

Refer to the STA Application Form for the documents and / or identification requirements.

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