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How to Obtain a SIDA Badge

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Note: This applies to initial and renewal badges for a company already established with the Security Badging Office.

Authorized Signers

Authorized signers for an existing company initiate the process for any initial and renewal badge applicant. Authorized signers for new companies must follow the steps under New Company Setup.

Authorized signers should view the video tutorials to learn how to enroll initial and renewal badge applicants.

The Authorized Signer Manual is also available as a resource.

Please enroll your initial and renewing applicants using https://badging.skyharbor.com/safeselfservice.

Background Checks

The Authorized Signers will be notified once the Security Threat Assessment and Criminal History Records Check clearance are received for each of their applicants. Applicants have 30 days from notification date to return to the Security Badging Office to attend the applicable training course and to claim the badge. Airline-sponsored applicants will be notified of this clearance through the airline. Failure to return within this time frame will cause the application to expire, resulting in the employee needing to reapply and start the process over with additional fees. Reminder: applicants cannot be issued a badge until the background checks have been cleared.

Criminal History Records Check (CHRC)
First time applicants are required to clear an electronic, fingerprint-based criminal history records check from our office before a badge can be issued. Both initial and renewal applicants are required to read, sign and answer each question individually on the electronic CHRC Application in our office. This online application lists the offenses (based on conviction) that disqualify applicants from receiving a badge.

Applicants must bring in the following Documents / ID required to satisfy the Criminal History Records Check (CHRC):

Two (2) forms of identification are required:

  • One (1) MUST be a valid, non-expired, government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, military ID, or passport. If applying for airport driving privileges, you must present a state issued unexpired driver's license issued within the United States.
  • A second identity form includes any of the above, social security card or birth certificate.
  • Non U.S. citizen applicants MUST present their employment authorization documentation.
  • An Alien Registration Card must be presented for verification and a Non-Immigrant Visa (U.S. issued, found inside passport) must be presented if applicable. Refer to requirements on the STA Application form.

Security Threat Assessment (STA)

Refer to the STA Application Form for the documents and / or identification requirements.

Security Training

This is mandatory training for the applicant, except for those whose work related duties require a public badge, and must be successfully completed before a badge can be issued. PHX uses an Interactive Computer-Based Training Program and the training schedule is below:

Monday through Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Cut-off time to begin training is 2:00 p.m.

If your company requires you to be trained in fuel handling procedures, you must be issued a Fuel Handler's Endorsement. Download the Study Guide for Fuel Handlers.

If your company requires you to be trained in operating an electric cart, you must be issued a Cart Driver Permit. Download the Electric Cart Study Guide.

Renewal Badges

Badge-holders are required to renew their badges within 30 days prior to badge expiration. Failure to renew within this time period will result in badge-holder retaking the security training classes before the badge can be issued. Failure to renew after 30 days from badge expiration date will require the employee to complete the application process from the beginning as a first-time applicant, including the fingerprinting process and security training.

Failure to comply with any of the requirements mentioned above for the badge renewal process will prevent the issuance of the renewal badge.