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Ground Transportation Authorized Signers Training Requirements

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In the past, Ground Transportation Authorized Signers were not required to comply with the TSA mandated Authorized Signer training. At that time, the Security Badging Office was focusing on the group of Authorized Signers that authorized the release of Airport badges that allowed employees into restricted areas of the Airport.

Now all Ground Transportation provider Authorized Signers are (1) required to take the online Authorized Signer training and (2) to be in possession of an Airport security credential.

Reminders in the form of e-mail and postal mail will be sent to all GT Authorized Signers to inform them of this requirement. Those who have already met the requirements may disregard the reminders.

GT Authorized Signers not in possession of an Airport-issued security credential will need to submit the appropriate badge application forms to the Security Badging Office to begin the badging and background check processes.

The online Authorized Signer training must be completed during any phase of the badging process but before the Airport security credential is issued.

Obtaining an Airport security credential is at no charge until July 26, 2010. After July 26, 2010 there will be fees associated with the cost of initial background checks and the badging process.