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Revision to Airport Badge Application Form and Definition of Badge Control Fee

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There have been changes to the definition of fees associated with the cost of service when processing and/or issuing an airport security identification badge. One of the fees is now referred to as a Badge Control Fee. The term Badge Control Fee simply replaces the more familiar term "deposit" to make it distinctive amongst the other fees associated with the badge issuing process. The Badge Control Fee is currently $50 and is repaid as a reward when the airport security identification badge is received by the Security Badging Office under the conditions that the badgeholder has been terminated and/or is no longer employed by the company.

To ensure that the Badge Control Fee is paid back to the appropriate party, the airport badge application form (SIDA, Sterile, Credential) has been slightly revised to include a line to identify who is paying the Badge Control Fee. This information will help determine if it is the individual applicant or the company paying the Badge Control Fee. With the revised badge application form, the Authorized Signer will now be responsible for identifying who paid the Badge Control Fee to ensure that it is properly returned to the appropriate party when the airport security identification badge is received by the Security Badging Office.

Effective October 11, 2010, the revised badge application form will replace the current version. Click here for the revised badge application.

As noted in the Authorized Signer's section of the badge application form, there are three types of badges that are issued by the Security Badging Office: (1) SIDA, (2) STERILE, and (3) SECURITY CREDENTIAL.

SIDA badge will provide access to the restricted and sterile areas of the airport.

STERILE badge will provide access ONLY to the terminal concourses and entry is gained via the security checkpoints.

SECURITY CREDENTIAL is strictly an identification badge indicating that the possessor has completed the background checks. The Security Credential badge has NO access authorization to any of the airport's restricted or sterile areas.

Of the three badge types, the SECURITY CREDENTIAL does not require payment of a Badge Control Fee.

For any additional questions, please contact Ramil Rivera at (602) 273-4322 or Ramil.Rivera@phoenix.gov.

Badging Fees

  • CHRC Fingerprint Fees/Initial Badge Fee $32 per applicant
  • Initial STA fee $7 per applicant
  • Initial Badge Control Fee $50 per applicant
  • Renewal Badge Fee $10 per applicant
  • Replacement Badge Fee $10 per applicant
  • Lost / Stolen Badge Fee $50/75/100 per occurrence
  • (In addition to above fees, lost/stolen badge applicants will also be charged a $10 replacement fee)
  • Training Classes No Charge

Note: Certified Air Carriers that fingerprint their employees will be charged $12 which covers the initial badge and STA fees and will be required to furnish the TSA approval code on the application form.

Forms of payment that we accept include cash, Visa, Master-Card, Discover, and American Express. Payment will not be accepted over the phone.