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2011 - What's New in Security Badging

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Imagine that! Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has approximately 17,000 plus individuals in possession of an airport security badge. All of these airport security badges have been issued by the Security Badging Office. For each badge issued, there is one badge application form. On the application form, the applicant is required to provide biographical information ranging from the applicant's name to the color of his/her eyes. There is also a field item requiring the applicant to describe their job title. Given the 17,000 plus badgeholders, this has resulted in many types, kinds, variations of job titles entered on the badge application form. The Security Badging Office has counted up to 4,500 variations of job titles that have since been submitted on badge application forms.

To assist the Security Badging Office in reducing and streamlining the many variations of the job titles of employees, which is a required field entry in the badge application form, the Security Badging Office has created a Job Title List. This is a list containing the most common job titles used amongst the hundreds of companies registered with the Security Badging Office when addressing their employee's role, position, or scope of work.

Please use the Job Title List to select the job title that best describes the badge applicant’s role, position, or scope of work. This 'title' will need to be entered in the respective field of the badge application form.


In June 2009, the Security Badging Office began the task of providing Authorized Signer training for all Airport badge holders, existing and new. The Authorized Signer training was in response to a Transportation Security Administration mandate that required airport operators to provide training to designated company Authorized Signers. This training addressed the obligations and responsibilities of the position as well as informed the individual about the intricate details regarding the Airport badging process. With your patience and cooperation, the Security Badging Office met this objective as of June 2010.

All Authorized Signers are subject to recurrent training every two years. In June 2011 and subsequent months thereafter will be the two-year anniversary for those Authorized Signers that took the training starting in June 2009. Email notifications will be sent from our training provider Clarity Net (noreply@claritynet.com) to inform you of the requirement to take the Authorized Signer training before the anniversary date.

Recurrent Authorized Signer training is available online via the Internet and may be taken from a workstation computer, common use computer, or at the Security Badging Office (during business hours). The Web link, username and password will be contained in the email notification that is sent to you. The email address to which the training reminder will be sent is the email address that was provided on the badge application form. If this email address has changed since then, please contact the Security Badging Office at 602.273.2036.

Failure to complete the recurrent Authorized Signer training will result in the loss of Authorized Signer status.

For more information or to obtain answers to questions regarding Authorized Signer training or the badging process, please contact Ramil M. Rivera at 602.273.4322 or send an email to Ramil.Rivera@Phoenix.gov.