Training FAQs

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Q: What do I do if I don’t have a valid email address?
Our training system requires a valid email address to access the training. If you do not have a valid email address, you will be required to create one. You can do this in our office, or you can create it yourself at home before you come back to take your training to receive your badge. You do not have to keep this email address after you receive your badge. You can delete it once the training has been completed. However, you must have an email address to complete the training, which is part of the badging process to receive a badge.

Q: Can I use my Company email address?
Yes, if the email address is specific to you for your use. It cannot be a generic email that others use. When your security check is approved, you will receive a link from the training system to create a password. If you decide to do this in our office, you will need to have the ability to gain online access to your company email. If you use this address and do not have remote access from any computer, please create your password prior to coming in to complete the SSI training or you will not be able to create a password or complete the training. You will be asked to go and create the password and come back to complete the training.

Q: Can I use my home email address?
If the email address is specific to you for your use, you can. It cannot be a generic email that others use.  When your security check is approved, you will receive a link from the training system to create a password.

Q: I do not have a computer at home. Can I do all my training in your office?
Yes, if you have the ability to gain access to your work email from a remote location. If it is your personal email, such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, we can arrange for you to log in at a training computer to complete your training.

Q: Can you take the training on your smartphone?
The training modules will work on smartphones, tablets and iPads.

Q: When someone uses Mindflash, are there additional software add-ons that must be loaded onto the computer?
No, there are no add-ons that need to be loaded onto your computer to use the training system. Mindflash is internet-based so you only need access to the internet. Older versions of Internet Explorer may not support the Mindflash program.

Q: Do I need to set-up a password to complete the training?
Yes. You must create a password for the Mindflash training. Refer to your training emails for a link to Mindflash.

NOTE: It is recommended you create a password and complete non-security sensitive online training outside the Badging Office to reduce the time needed in our office.  If you fail to create and remember your password, you will be asked to come back after completing this step. Our office will not create or change emails or passwords.

Q: What do I do if the video will not play?

Check your browser settings; they must be set to allows access to the Mindflash site

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for the LMS platform.
  • Google Chrome will have a one-click acceptance of the security acceptance in the address bar.
  • Firefox 13 should run with no issues. Firefox Quantum will have four security areas to change in the settings.
  • Safari will have two areas requiring a security exception.
  • Of course, you can take the course at the badging office at Sky Harbor as well if you are unable to change the security settings on your desktop.
  • Results and experience will vary on iOS and Android devices depending on the age of the device and updated software, newer is not necessarily better.

Go to for issues on devices.

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