Land Reuse Strategy - Phase 1 Report

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Executive Summary - English Version
Executive Summary - Spanish Version

Volume I
Executive Summary
Project Introduction and Overview
Inventory Working Paper

Volume II
Market Analysis
Planning Area Framework Alternatives
Community’s Preferred Framework
Implementation Strategies
Response to Community Input

Volume III
Appendix A - Noise Land Inventory
Appendix B - Benchmarking White Paper

Volume IV
Appendix C - Community Engagement Report
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Volume V
Appendix D - Market Analysis Methodology and Benchmarking of Other Uses
Appendix E - Location Preference Maps
Appendix F - Framework Evaluation Matrix
Appendix G - Implementation Strategies List
Appendix H - Additional Research Topics
Appendix I - Comment Period Submissions and Responses
Appendix J - Conceptual Illustrations of Project Area


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