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Parking Availability

Should I Park?

Use our real-time information on the number of vacant spaces available to help you find convenient parking.
You can also call the 24-hour parking hotline for information and availability at 602-273-4545.
Make a reservation for easy entry and exit.

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Near Terminal 3 chevron_right

Terminal 3 Garage
West Economy Garage
West Economy Park & Walk brightness_high
24th St Station
brightness_high Seasonal Lot

Near Terminal 4

Terminal 4 Garage
East Economy Garage A
East Economy Garage B
East Economy Uncovered

Electric Charging

Vehicle electric charging stations are available in Terminal 4 Parking Garage (Level 4 on the East End) and in Terminal 3 Parking Garage (Level 1 on the West Side). There are 20 electric charging outlets at the 24th St. Station parking site.

  • Terminal 3: 4 units on level 1 (short-term parking), 2 units on level 3, and 4 units on level 7.

  • Terminal 4: 2 units on level 4 east, Zone B north of the elevator lobby.

Motorist Assistance

Lose your car? Have a flat tire or need a jump? Get free motorist assistance by using the blue parking Assistance Call Box located in Airport parking lots and garages or call our 24-hour parking hotline at 602-273-4545.

Assistance Call Boxes and the parking hotline are monitored and available 24/7.

Emergency buttons are also available on the Assistance Call Boxes. When pressed, this will connect you to the Airport emergency dispatchers. The Airport Communication Center and the Parking Office will automatically know the location of the call box being used.