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Parking FAQs

PHX Sky Harbor Parking FAQs

Have questions about parking at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport? We’re here to help! And if you can’t find an answer here, reach out to us.

Making a Reservation

How do I make a reservation? addremove

There are five simple steps to a successful parking reservation at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport:

1. Select your date and time.

2. Select the preferred parking facility.

3. Complete the required information.

4. Confirm your entry and exit dates and times and the parking facility selected.

5. Complete your payment details.

After booking your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with your reservation reference number and parking details. All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.

You will need the QR Code in the confirmation email to scan for entry and exit at the parking facility. You may scan the QR code via your mobile device or print copy.

How do I manage my booking? addremove

Reservations and account info can be viewed here. Our “Manage My Reservation” service enables you to amend or cancel your booking online. You can amend all details, including credit card details and dates for your parking, as late as 1 hour before the reservation start time for all products except those that are non-flexible. You can only amend your address details for the non-flexible products. You could not amend a reservation if points were used during booking.

How far ahead can I book? addremove

You may book anywhere from 2 hours up to six months before arrival. We recommend you book your airport parking when you purchase your airline ticket.

What’s the maximum number of days of parking that I can pre-book? addremove

The maximum is 60 days. If you need to park your vehicle longer, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Parking Office at 602-273-4545 for assistance.

I’m having trouble with the online reservation system, what should I do? addremove

If you are having difficulty booking your reservation, please contact the customer service center at 602-273-4545.

Premium, Valet Parking, and Car Care

I want to reserve premium parking. What information do I need to provide? addremove
Premium parking works the same way as regular parking except you must provide a license plate number. We verify this during lot inspections of the premium parking spots.
Is there valet service available? addremove

Yes, 24/7 Sky Valet is available at Terminal 3 and Terminal 4. Terminal 3 valet is located on the first level near the departure drop-off. Terminal 4 valet is on Level 4 by the elevator bays.

Do I need to make a reservation for valet service? addremove

It is highly recommended that you make a reservation, particularly around major travel holidays (i.e., Thanksgiving and Christmas). We have limited spaces available. Drive-ups for valet service are accepted when there is available space.

If I’m using valet service, do I also have to pay the garage fee? addremove

No. Our charge covers the cost of the parking garage fee. We are only $9 more per 24 hours compared to the garage drive-up fee.

Can I have someone else pick up my car for me from the valet? addremove

If we are given the information on who is picking up the car and when they are picking it up, we can ensure it is ready for them when they arrive.

I am flying back to a different terminal. Can I have my car delivered there? addremove

Yes. Valet service is now offered in both terminals at Sky Harbor. We can have your car ready for you at any terminal.

Can I get my car washed while it’s there? addremove

Absolutely. With Car Care, which is available in both terminals, you can get your car washed and ready for you when you get back. Simply add the service at the time of your reservation.

Loyalty Programs

How do I join the PHX Sky Harbor Airport Parking Loyalty Program? addremove

Simply create a parking reservation account, and you will automatically be enrolled in our loyalty program.

How do I earn loyalty points, and do they expire? addremove

Loyalty members earn 10 points* for every $1 spent on qualified online booking reservations at PHX Sky Harbor Airport Parking. Points are issued within seven (7) days after you exit the parking facility. Points are not issued for add-on products and services, such as Auto Spa. Points expire 18 months from the date earned. (*Points per dollar are subject to change.)

I booked a reservation, but I don’t see the points in my account? Where can I view my points? addremove

In order to earn loyalty points, you must sign in to your account at checkout. Log in to your account to view your point balance.

What can I redeem my loyalty points on? addremove

You can redeem your available points for free days of parking at PHX Sky Harbor. The number of free days is based on available points at time of redemption. Partial day redemption is not available at this time.

Payment and Prepayment

Where and when do I pay after I pull a ticket and park? addremove

Payment is made at the exit gate with either cash or a card. Payment can also be made at the Pay on Foot machines when returning from a flight. Only use the Pay on Foot machines when you are ready to exit with your vehicle.

What payment methods are accepted? addremove

We accept the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. At this time, we do not accept wireless payment methods such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Is a fee applied to my online reservation? addremove

A $2 booking fee is applied to all reservations at the time they are made. The booking fee is non-refundable.

What if I return earlier than what I prepaid? addremove

Contact our office at We will issue a credit for the unused portion of your reservation to the same credit card you used for your prepaid parking. Please include your reservation number when emailing.

Can anyone else use my prepaid parking? Is it transferable? addremove

No, prepaid reservations are not transferable.

How can I get a copy of my parking receipt? addremove

Email to request a copy of your receipt. Please include the date, full name on the card, and the last 4 digits of the card that was used at the exit.

Can I pay with cash if I park at Terminal 3, Level 1 short-term parking? addremove

No, there are no manned cashier booths on Level 1. Cash must be paid using the Pay on Foot machines located at Terminal 3 on the lower and upper levels near the elevators.

Changes and Cancellations

How do I change or cancel my booking? addremove

You may cancel or amend your booking up to one hour before your scheduled entry time at no charge. The one-time booking fee of $2 is non-refundable. The simplest way to amend or cancel is to click on the "Manage My Reservation" button at the top of the page. In all communication, please include the booking reference number. 

When you amend a reservation, you will be charged the total amount for the new reservation and automatically refunded the total amount of the original reservation, including the $2 booking fee.

Reservations made with loyalty points can be canceled but not amended. You can cancel the original reservation, allowing the points to be credited to your account, and then book a new reservation using your points.

What happens if I forget or lose my booking confirmation? addremove

You can have your booking confirmation resent to you via the “Manage my Reservation” function. If you do not have your booking confirmation containing your QR code for entry, pull a ticket at the gate. When you exit, go to an “OPEN” cashier booth and notify the cashier that you have a reservation but pulled a ticket. Have your reservation information ready for the cashier who will apply your paid reservation amount towards the ticket.

I came home early and did not use all of my reservation. Can I get a partial refund? addremove
Please email with your reservation information and the reason for a partial refund. A representative will review your reservation and, if valid, process the partial refund
My flight was delayed. Can I extend my reservation? addremove

No, you cannot extend a reservation that is already in use. When you exit, the extra fees are calculated for payment. Simply go to a cashier booth marked “OPEN” for assistance.

Parking at the Airport

Which parking garages can I park in? addremove

We recommend parking in the garage near the terminal where your airline is flying from. 


Are your parking facilities open 24 hours? addremove

Yes, they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I enter and exit a parking facility? addremove

If you made a reservation online, drive to your selected parking facility and scan the QR code on your printed confirmation email or mobile device at the entrance. The gate will open after a successful scan of your QR code. To exit, scan your QR code again.

Am I assigned a specific parking space? addremove

No. However, by reserving parking online, you can ensure a parking space is available for you at the time and date needed.

What if I forgot where I parked? addremove

Look for the blue emergency call boxes or call the parking hotline at 602-273-4545 for assistance.

Is there a shuttle service from the parking lot to the Sky Train station? addremove

Yes, there is a shuttle running 24/7 circulating the East Economy Parking Lot. There are several shuttle stops you can wait at. We will help you get on the shuttle and take you to the Sky Train area in the parking lot. The shuttle can also take you back to your pickup stop when you return to the parking lot.

What happens if I enter the lot prior to my confirmed booking time or exit the lot later than my confirmed booking time? addremove

If you try to enter the facility more than 2 hours in advance of your reservation, the entrance gate will not allow you to enter. If you exit the parking facility later than your confirmed booking time, you will be charged for the additional time at the posted rate upon exit.

What happens if I experience difficulty entering or exiting the parking facility with my reservation? addremove

Please press the “Help” button located on the entry or exit lane equipment to contact the customer service center for immediate assistance.


I’m having car trouble. Can I call my own tow truck? addremove

No. If you are having any trouble with your car, call us 24/7 for assistance at 602-273-4545. We will have a customer service representative drive to you and jump-start your car for free. For security purposes, we do not allow commercial tow trucks to tow any vehicle out of our facilities.

PHX Sky Train®

I’m picking someone up who took the Sky Train. Where is the best place to park? addremove

The 44th Street Sky Train pick-up area provides the best access. You can search for that location in any map application for directions. This lot has both temporary parking spaces at no charge, where you must remain in your car, and paid spaces if you do not wish to remain in your vehicle. The paid spaces will have a parking meter in front of them. Learn more about PHX Sky Train®

Contact Us

How can I contact you? addremove

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us by email at or by telephone at 602-273-4545. Please ensure your reservation number is available for ready reference.

How do I provide feedback? addremove

We are committed to the highest standards of customer care. If you would like to provide feedback, please contact us at