Phoenix Sky Harbor
International Airport

Volunteer at the Airport

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There are two options to volunteer at the airport.

This is a pic of volunteer Navigators.1. Navigator Volunteer Program

Be a bright spot in someone’s day! Sky Harbor Navigators are a group of friendly volunteers whose mission is to make our guests’ experience at Sky Harbor Airport faster, easier and more enjoyable. Navigator volunteers serve all over the Airport by providing directions, information and friendly assistance. They also serve as a welcoming presence to over 100,000 passengers each day.

Navigators enjoy a sense of community, camaraderie and have a lot of fun in an exciting environment. As an airport volunteer you can enjoy;

  • Serving the community and making new friends.
  • Sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience.
  • Developing new skills.
  • Being appreciated by all who work at the Airport!
  • Receiving the gratitude of thousands of customers traveling through the Airport!

Navigators are also recognized for their service at special events and receive training, uniforms and can earn free parking.


  • Great communications skills
  • Year round resident of Arizona
  • Able to commit to one, four-hour shift per week
  • Stamina to complete four hours of service with one 20 minute break
  • Able to pass an FBI screening and qualify for an Airport security badge

Complete a Navigator Volunteer online application form or call 602-273-4017 for more information. The program application is available year-round.  The tentative dates below are to help you in your planning.

January 2018
July 2018
October 2018

2. Navigator Buddies Program

Zoe Airports around the world are deploying teams of furry friends and their handlers to help de-stress passengers during travel. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is happy to join the ranks of other airports that provide this free pet therapy service to its passengers. The Navigator Buddies, dogs and their owners, volunteer a minimum of 2.25 hours per week at the airport. They walk the terminals offering opportunities for passengers to pet and enjoy some quality time with man’s best friend.

Interested in learning more? Fill out a Navigator Buddies application.

The program application is available year-round. The tentative dates below are to help you in your planning.

Navigator Buddies Class #2

  • Feb. 1-2, 2018 Interviews
  • Feb. 15, 2018 Orientation
  • Feb. 28, 2018 Training

Navigator Buddies Class #3

  • Aug. 2-3, 2018 Interviews
  • Aug. 15, 2018 Orientation
  • Aug. 31, 2018 First week of training. Training is for one 2 hour and 15 minute shift a week for a total of three weeks.  

Have questions? Please contact or 602-316-2949.

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