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Rental Cars

The Rental Car Center accommodates all airport rental car companies, their rental counters, and vehicles. If you are planning to rent a car at PHX Sky Harbor, be sure to make a reservation. Vehicles are limited for walk-up customers.


The Rental Car Center is located within its own building at 1805 E. Sky Harbor Circle South (between 16th Street and 24th Street, south of Buckeye Road). 

PHX Sky Train

The PHX Sky Train provides the public with free transportation within the airport. Trains arrive and depart every 3 - 5 minutes and operate 24 hours a day.

Airport Car Rental Companies

The following car rental companies operate at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Listed below are links to rental car agencies’ web sites. Visit our Accessibility page to learn about car rental info for persons with disabilities.

Travelers should check with their specific rental car company for hours of operation at the Airport Rental Car Center.


Phone: 602-244-0897

Toll-Free: 800-462-5266


Phone: 602-261-5900

Toll-Free: 800-331-1212


Phone: 602-261-5950

Toll-Free: 800-527-7000


Phone: 602-567-9700

Toll-Free: 800-800-4000


Phone: 602-225-0588

Toll-Free: 800-736-8222


Phone: 310-342-5155


Phone: 602-267-8822

Toll-Free: 800-654-3131


Phone: 602-275-4771

Toll-Free: 800-227-7368

NÜ Car Rentals

Phone: 800-55-NU-CAR


Phone: 602-681-9589

Toll-Free: 800-729-5377


Toll-Free: 888-749-8227


Toll-Free: 800-847-4389

Available Concessions

PHX is excited to welcome Phoenix Magazine Cafe and Market as the new food, beverage and retail concept at the Rental Car Center. The unit is located in the main lobby directly across from the Information Counter.