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PHX Sky Train®

What is the PHX Sky Train®?

The PHX Sky Train® is an automated train that transports travelers between Valley Metro Rail at 44th and Washington streets, the East Economy Parking area, the airport terminals, the 24th Street PHX Sky Train Station, and the Rental Car Center.

Trains operate 24 hours a day.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the PHX Sky Train® is complete! This extension of the existing PHX Sky Train® to the Rental Car Center extends the line 2.5 miles. This project cost $745 million and was paid for with Rental Car Customer Facility Charges and airline Passenger Facility Charges. No local tax dollars were used.

Download the PHX Sky Train® Media Kit.


How much does it cost to ride?

The PHX Sky Train® is free to the public.


Six Convenient Stops

Station Amenities 44th Street & Washington

  • Boarding pass kiosks – print your boarding pass with participating airlines before arriving at the terminal.

  • Valley Metro Rail Ticket Machines – purchase your Valley Metro Rail tickets after arriving at the station. Ticket kiosks are located on Level 2.

  • Cell Phone Waiting Lots

  • Pet Relief Area

  • Four hour parking meters

  • Dropping off or picking up travelers using Terminal 4? The 44th Street & Washington PHX Sky Train® Station offers a handy alternative to driving into the airport.

East Economy

  • Boarding pass kiosks – print your boarding pass with participating airlines before arriving at the terminal.

  • Pet Relief Area

  • Circulator vehicles to transport passengers from the uncovered parking areas to the PHX Sky Train® Station.

  • Family Friendly, ADA Parking north of the station.

  • Departing from the East Economy Station? Be sure to check the lighted display for the train's destination before boarding. Trains travel in both directions from that station.

Terminal 3

  • The PHX Sky Train® is located on Level 5.  Travelers can access the Station by taking the escalators in Ticketing up to Level 4. There, they will enter the station and take the escalators to Level 5 to access the boarding platform.

Terminal 4

  • Conveniently located on Level 3, travelers can disembark the PHX Sky Train® and walk directly to the security checkpoint to catch their flight.

24th Street

  • Located adjacent to 1,600 new parking spots on the west side of the airport, the 24th Street PHX Sky Train® Station is located south of Buckeye Road. It is the waypoint between Terminal 3 and the Rental Car Center.

Rental Car Center

  • The PHX Sky Train® connects the Rental Car Center to all point east to the 44th Street PHX Sky Train® Station. It runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with stops every 3-5 minutes.