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Security & Badging


Safety and security are the top priorities at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Sky Harbor has multiple layers of security, some that you see and some that are more behind the scenes. The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, oversees the security checkpoints at Sky Harbor. There is also a Phoenix Police Airport Bureau located on-Airport, in addition to two Phoenix Fire Stations.

Police officers can be seen at all hours, seven days a week, patrolling the roadways in their vehicles, as well as inside the terminals on foot and even on bicycles. Eight Phoenix Police officers at Sky Harbor partner with explosive detection canines, which check unattended bags and other suspicious items.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Transportation Security Administration

Authorized Signatory Portal

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If you ever have a question at Sky Harbor, feel free to walk up to a police officer and ask - our officers know the Airport inside and out.

Sky Harbor also has an operations staff that is responsible for safety and security on the curbs, inside of the terminals, and in the Air Operations Area where the runways and taxiways are located. Sky Harbor Operations staff encourages all visitors to keep their eye out for suspicious activity and to report to an Airport employee anything that seems out of place.

Sky Harbor offers specific tips on how everyone can assist with Airport security in a program called SOAR or Secure Our Airport Responsibly.  


Security Training

Security training is mandatory for each applicant, except for those whose work-related duties require a public badge, and must be successfully completed before a badge can be issued.

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Sky Harbor’s Security Badging Office provides its business partners and their employees with badging and fingerprinting services that are needed for employees to work at the Airport.

Existing companies who are enrolling new badgeholders and/or renewing existing badgeholders are able to do so via a secure online system. New companies initially visit the Security Badging Office to start the badge enrollment process.

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The Airport issues four types of badges:

  1. The Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) badge, for unescorted access to the secured side of the Airport, including ramps and Air Operations Area (AOA).
  2. The Sterile badge, to allow employees through the screening process at the security checkpoints, but does not authorize unescorted access to the SIDA, ramps, or AOA.
  3. The Public badge, which authorizes access to public areas such as the Rental Car Center.
  4. The Security Credential, which is identification media issued for persons who require and have cleared a Criminal History Records Check and Security Threat Assessment but do not require unescorted access to the sterile or restricted areas of the Airport.

Badging Appointment

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Badge Application Forms

Access and download application forms, study guides and rules and regulations.

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Badging Fees

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New Company Setup

Before a security badge is issued to employees of a company, the company must establish an operational need to work in the restricted/secure and/or sterile areas of the airport. 

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Authorized Signatory Requirements

All Authorized Signers are (1) required to take Authorized Signer training and (2) to be in possession of an Airport security credential.

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Background Checks

The Authorized Signers will be notified once the Security Threat Assessment and Criminal History Records Check clearance are received for each of their applicants.

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