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Comprehensive Asset Management Plan

Our customers expect America’s Friendliest Airport® to provide availability for all types of air transportation; have comfortable terminals with a variety of amenities and services; and offer easy access on the roadways.

To accomplish these goals, in 2019, Phoenix Sky Harbor developed a 20-year plan that would provide a roadmap for meeting future demand. In 2022, the plan was updated, and near-term goals were identified:

  • Improve airfield efficiency with a new north/south taxiway on the west side of the Airport.

  • Connect Terminals 3 and 4 with a post-security walkway.

  • Add a second north concourse to Terminal 3 and renovating some of the older spaces in Terminal 4 to provide comfortable and operable terminals.

  • Build more gates to provide availability to the airlines.

  • Adjust the Airport’s roadways to increase traffic flow and security as well as improve access to and from the freeway system.

  • Move cargo operations to make room for the new taxiway.

  • Lengthen the center runway to satisfy the increased need for a longer departure runway.

  • Explore the feasibility of a high-end hotel in the terminal core.

City of Phoenix Airport 360 Graphic

No local tax dollars will be used for these projects.  All projects would be paid for through grants, airport revenues, facility charges and bonds, and each individual project would be required to go through a City Council approval process and finance plan.