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Hats in the Air
From the Aviation History Collection

Terminal 4, Level 3, center near food court

TWA Vintage Airline UniformFrom funky and bright to sophisticated and practical, airline uniforms have endured plenty of changes through the years. Weaving together function and fashion, the hat was an essential detail of in-flight ensembles during peak eras of glamorous flight. Hats were employed by both stewardesses and pilots to signify rank, convey prestige and even build airline identities. The variety of styles often reflect trends of the era from which they came—from periods of military influence to the international sway of French fashion, the allure of Hollywood to Americana kitsch. Although contemporary airline uniforms can be professional to playful, this exhibition is hats-off to a time when flight and fashion were synonymous. 

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TWA stewardesses hat, 1944 - 1955, courtesy of TWA Clipped Wings, Kansas

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