Phoenix Sky Harbor offers a nursing station in each terminal. They are located both pre-and post-security.

Each room contains a sink and counter top, a soap dispenser, a paper towel dispenser, a baby changing station and comfortable seating. An electrical outlet is also located within the room.

Terminal 3

  • Baggage Claim elevators on Level 5 (pre-security) and Level 4 across from Gate F5 (post-security)
  • Near Gate E5 (post-security)

Terminal 4

  • Next to the Family Restroom on Level 3. Enter between Johnston & Murphy and the iStore;
  • Across from Starbucks on the south end of gates B15-22 (post-security);
  • Directly after passing through Security Checkpoint D;
  • On the north end of the A17-30 concourse.

Sky Harbor has three Nursing Rooms