Mail-back Program

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Passengers can mail small items back to themselves at designated, staffed information counters (please see list below). The passenger must fill out a form, which is placed with the item in the safe. UPS picks up items on a weekly basis and will contact the passengers directly to discuss payment.

Standard items include but are not limited to: small snow globes, knives and beauty products. Mail-back stations contain a safe with a small opening, therefore, the item must be small enough to fit into the slot of the safe, which is approximately 6.5 inches deep and 10 inches wide.

The information counter staff cannot take any items that do not fit into the safe’s slot and will not hold any items to be picked up. This includes keys to rental vehicles.

Participating Information Counters with UPS Safes (only available when a staff person is on duty)

Terminal 4, Level 3, on both ends near each checkpoint

Terminal 3, Baggage Claim

*Please note that certain items cannot be mailed, such as ammunition, alcohol and flammable materials.  

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