Phase 2 of the PHX Sky Train® is underway. This is an extension to the existing PHX Sky Train®, which currently operates between the 44th Street PHX Sky Train® Station and Terminal 3. When complete and operational in 2022, the line will extend 2.5 miles to the Rental Car Center.

The Phoenix City Council approved the extension of the PHX Sky Train® from the airport terminals to the Rental Car Center in October 2016.

Benefits include enhancement of customer service and improved accessibility, especially for customers using wheelchairs. It will also take traffic off of Sky Harbor Boulevard, easing transit to and from the terminals.

This $745 million project will be paid for with Rental Car Customer Facility Charges and airline Passenger Facility Charges. No local tax dollars will be used.

New Delivery

The first two new PHX Sky Train® cars were delivered Oct. 21, 2020 from Bombardier’s plant in Pittsburgh. They will be used in Stage 2 of the this project.

PHX Sky Train Car 20 on a truck

Delivery of new PHX Sky Train car

PHX Sky Train Car 20

PHX Sky Train® Stage 2 Construction: Rental Car Center Station

PHX Sky Train RCC Station 1

PHX Sky Train RCC Station 2

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no image 12

PHX Sky Train® Stage 2 Construction: 24th Street Station

PHX Sky Train 24th Street Station 1

PHX Sky Train 24th Street Station 2

PHX Sky Train 24th Street Station 3

no image 12

PHX Sky Train® Stage 2 Construction: Guideway

PHX Sky Train Guideway 1

PHX Sky Train Guideway 2

PHX Sky Train Guideway 3
PHX Sky Train Guideway 4

PHX Sky Train® Stage 2 Construction: Undercrossings

Section 6--Slope Paving

Section 6 - Undercrossing--Slope Paving

Section 6- Taxiway Undercrossing

PHX Sky Train - Stage 2 Infographics

PHX Sky Train – Final Environmental Assessment

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced that a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) has been approved based on the results of the Final Environmental Assessment (EA) prepared in January 2018 for the proposed Sky Train Stage 2 project at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). The Proposed Action includes a 2.2-mile extension of the existing Sky Train at PHX from Terminal 3 (T3) to the Rental Car Center (RCC), and associated improvements and ancillary actions. The purpose of the Proposed Action is to provide more reliable and efficient access between the RCC and Airport facilities, and reduce on-airport roadway congestion.

The FONSI indicates that the Proposed Action is consistent with existing environmental policies and objectives set forth in the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) in that it will not significantly impact the quality of the human environment.

Finding Of No Significant Impact for PHX Sky Train Stage 2  Final Environmental Assessment for PHX Sky Train Stage 2
Appendix A-Cultural Resources and Section 106 Consultation
Appendix B - Right-of-Way Transfers and Power Options Comparison
Appendix C - Air Quality
Appendix D - Biological Resources
Appendix E - Hazardous Materials
Appendix F - Sponsor’s Land Use Assurance Letter
Appendix G - Socioeconomic Impacts, Environmental Justice, and Children’s Environmental Health and Safety Risks
Appendix H - Traffic Impact Evaluation Memorandum
Appendix I - Water Resources
Appendix J - Coordination and Public Involvement

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